Start Making Easy Money With Your Facebook Account

It’s safe and easy and the best part is there is no work required to rent your Facebook account and get paid NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a scam? Will I get ripped off?

No, this is not a scam and you won't get ripped off. We are online marketers using facebook accounts to setup paid advertisements. We take all the risk with setting up payments through our own business credit cards

How do I know my information won't be shared & no posts will be made on my account?

We will never have or ask you for your facebook password therefore we can't login to your account. We are using your facebook ad account which has a separate login than your actual facebook account, which again means we can't and wont need to log into your facebook account.

Why don't we just open up accounts ourselves from scratch?

Well, because Facebook requires the accounts to be at least 1 year old and have legitimate activity on them. We don't have the time to create new accounts and do a years worth of activity on them, we'd rather rent from you.

To reasure your account is 100% safe please know that:

1) You won't have to give out your Facebook password.
2) Because we won't have your password, we won't be able to access your personal account or messages.
3) Your Facebook account won't get banned.
4) None of your Facebook friends will know that you're running ads. Like mentioned earlier, this won't in any way affect your personal Facebook account. We're using the part of your account.

How much will I get paid?

We will pay you $50 for each month you let us use your Facebook ad account and $15 for every friend you refer. We pay you via Paypal.


How Does It Work?


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You will be asked a few simple questions regarding your Facebook account. Stuff like "How old is your account?", "How many friends do you have on your Facebook account?" etc.

Don’t worry, this takes less than 2 minutes.



We setup the ads

If your Facebook account matched all of our criteria and is eligible, the next step is for us to setup ads. This requiers no work on your end.

You will give us Teamviewer access ( for 5 minutes - this way we can do our thing without you having to give us your Facebook password.

We will then:
1) Create a Fanpage
2) Grant Ads Manager access to our own Facebook account so that we can upload/edit ads without having to bother you everytime we wish to do so
3) Add our payment method to your ad account



You get paid

Once the first ads are up, approved and getting traffic - you get paid via Paypal.

Oh and if you refer your friends you get $15 for each referral :)


Start Today!

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